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Hi, I'm Dr. Beggs!

Advocating for reliable routine dental care 

Dr. Beggs grew up in West Texas, determined to follow his lifelong goal to become a veterinarian. He has been blessed with amazing mentorship, opportunities, and education along the way, which have driven him to create a one-of-a-kind veterinary clinic.

Dr. Beggs has worked in general practice for over 13 years, focusing on reconstructive and soft tissue surgeries, ultrasonography, guessed it, dentistry! He has developed a passion for providing pets comfort in one of the most overlooked and under-treated areas, oral health care “we see far too many pets enduring pain every year with dental disease”.

Something more common than knee injuries, heartworm disease and fractured bones deserves more attention. Dr. Beggs believes our pets deserve a comfortable mouth and prevention is the first step!  He has made it his mission to better serve your pets by making routine oral care more accessible to everyone. Just because something is out of sight doesn’t mean it’s not a problem! And just because pets are eating does not mean that they are not suffering! "During our preventative oral assessments we often incidentally find lesions, which allows us to take early action against some oral cancers. Early thorough examinations go far beyond oral care."

Dr. Beggs has training in advanced maxillofacial surgery, mandibular fracture repair, and periodontal disease therapy. He is also currently enrolled in a comprehensive 8-month training dental course to better serve his patients.  "Dental cleanings and assessments have come a long way since I was a technician over 20 years ago.” We are more strategic in our planning, we have improved pet monitoring, and more extensive imaging, all of which provide better supportive care, and improved detection of oral concerns that we can treat, allowing us to keep your pets more comfortable.

When he is not helping pets and their owners, Dr. Beggs enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors. He enjoys cooking and fishing and he and his family attend Journey Church.  Dr. Beggs has an amazing wife Colleen, son Hudson, daughter Paisley, and two crazy spoiled pets, Ruddy the Irish Setter and Forrest the French Bulldog.

He looks forward to helping you maintain your pet’s healthy and comfortable smile!

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