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Why Chose Houston Pet Dental?

At Houston Pet Dental we want to keep your pets comfortable and healthy allowing them to live a long life.  Our passion is preventative care, and our priority is quality.  Evaluating the entire oral cavity, including the roots, will ensure no disease is left untreated.

    • That's right.  Regardless of your pet's dental disease grade our cleanings are reliably one cost for all pets.​
  • X-RAYS......EVERY TIME!​
    • Every tooth has a story to tell and 60% of that story lies below the gum line.  Without radiographs painful disease will go unnoticed.  You can't treat what you can't see!​​
    • Simply need a dental cleaning?  That's great because that is our focus!  No annual plan needed to keep your pet's mouth comfortable.​​​

Each dental assessment includes the following:

  • Patient history and physical exam

  • Preoperative lab work 

  • IV catheter and fluid administration

  • General anesthesia and monitoring

  • Remove plaque and tartar

  • Dental Scaling, probing, and charting of all teeth

  • Intraoperative radiographs

  • Polish all surfaces

  • Fluoride application

  • Prepare a treatment plan for home care

Why X-rays?

Without seeing the ENTIRE tooth dental disease is easily missed!  Even sparkly clean teeth can be painful! If disease is left unnoticed by NOT taking intraoperative radiographs then we haven't really helped our pets.

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