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Canine & Feline Dental Cleanings $479.00
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What is included?

Dental assessments $479

  • Patient history and physical exam

  • Preoperative lab work 

  • IV catheter and fluid administration

  • General anesthesia and monitoring

  • Removal of plaque and tartar

  • Dental Scaling, probing, and charting of all teeth

  • Intraoperative Full mouth X-rays

  • Polishing all tooth surfaces

  • Fluoride application

  • Treatment plan for home care


What exactly is a dental cleaning?

Dental cleanings are essential for maintaining a healthy mouth, BUT there is more to a thorough cleaning than you might think! It is important to clean the crowns of your pet’s teeth, but what about the roots?

Did you know dogs have 42 teeth and 68 roots. These roots typically harbor painful lesions, which CAN ONLY BE ASSESSED with X-rays while your pet is safely monitored under gas anesthesia. Assessing the entire tooth from crown to root is THE ONLY way to identify disease that cannot be seen with the naked eye! 


A thorough cleaning starts with proper planning! Our comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment includes:

Taking patient history and performing a physical exam, preoperative blood work, IV catheter and IV fluids, premedication to reduce anxiety, general anesthesia and monitoring, tartar removal from above and below the gum line, dental scaling and charting of all teeth, intraoral x-rays, polishing all surfaces and fluoride application

We can then safely say we have cleaned the teeth AND assessed all of the unseen roots for any painful pathology. 

Remember, the number one sign of dental disease is no sign at all!





In 2019, the American Animal Hospital Association stated that by 3 years of age over 80% of pets are affected by periodontal disease.  Left untreated this painful condition can reduce your pets quality of life. 

Oral disease is similar to other diseases such as heartworms, diabetes, and kidney disease in the fact that it CAN BE TREATED!  This process can be slowed and, for earlier grades of periodontal disease, it can even be reversed!  That’s right, routine dental cleanings can KEEP YOUR PETS’ TEETH where they belong.  



Dental Cleaning


Home Care

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