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Don't judge a tooth by it's crown!

We all know that we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Teeth are no different! Think about the last time you went to the dentist. Was it because you had a tooth ache, sudden pain, or simply because you needed a cleaning?

Pet’s teeth are no different in their need for routine oral assessment and cleaning. As a matter of fact most juvenile dog and cats spend most of their time chewing on hard objects, eating foreign material such as grass, carpet, etc. which can leave their oral cavity damaged or in pain.

Much of this behavior can fracture a tooth below the gum line where you simply will never see it. So even though the crowns “tops” of the teeth may look normal you never know without looking further with intraoral radiographs. This is the only safe way to assess an entire tooth to ensure your pet is not silently suffering.

Go ahead and have a peak in your pet’s mouth. Are there “missing” teeth that may actually be broken teeth? Are their gums red all over or only in one spot? Are they reluctant to let you feel around their gums? Can you even see their actual tooth or is it covered by tartar? These are all signs that they may need a professional cleaning.

This Radiograph demonstrates two front teeth that were painfully fractured that the owner thought were simply missing!

Call today to make an appointment so we can make sure your pet is living without oral pain.


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